When is a University not Open?

UCU believes that face to face teaching should only be undertaken where there in no alternative, which is entirely consistent with HSE guidance that risk should be eliminated if that is possible before resorting to the alternatives of PPE and other mitigating measures

Despite this UoB remains committed to face to face learning as a significant proportion of the offer to students, citing government direction that universities should stay open as part of the argument for doing so.

It further argues that face to face teaching is essential to students learning.

Two questions are raised by this approach.

Firstly what are students to think if at some point face to face learning is withdrawn by government direction? The inevitable conclusion is that by the university’s own admission that makes the offer substandard.

Secondly, if face to face is withdrawn will the university consider itself effectively closed?

The reality of course is that the university will then insist that student learning experience is being maintained through the online offer, and that it remains open for business, both of which UCU would agree with.

Why then does it insist on running non-essential face to face teaching sessions that place staff and students at unnecessary increased risk?

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