Let them eat cake!

Those of you who have renewed your parking permit for the coming year may well have been relieved to see that standard parking charges for staff for the coming session are held at last years rate of £235.

The more observant however may have noted that at the same time reserved parking, previously set at £828 per annum, this year plummets to £300, just £65 more than a “licence to hunt” permit – it is by most measures “a good deal”.

All well and good until one realises that to qualify for a reserved space one must be categorised as “eligible senior staff”.

It is with a sense of irony that one compares what is in effect a boost in the salary of the highest paid staff to the tune of £528 in the middle of a national campaign for a fair pay rise for everyone in HE! That derisory 1.8% will be nicely cushioned by this back door bonus.

A freeze on charges for the hoi polloi seems less than generous in this context – the equivalent deduction would reduce that to £85 – but then that would be contrary to the University’s Green Transport Policy……..

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