Speculate to Accumulate UPDATED

Word reached the LA recently of a former employee for whom emeritus status was deemed inappropriate despite this being an unpaid role, the applicant having a solid research track record, and offering to continue to be active in supporting research PG’s after retirement.
Since our original blog post the news has already reached a number of respected senior staff at Imperial College, London University and Glasgow, all of whom are in their own words “aghast at the decision”

The decision exposes a flaw in the revised list of qualifying criteria that requires that the academic can demonstrate ongoing research intent that will benefit the institution, ignoring the possibility that research opportunities may well emerge down the line even if there are none evident at the point of consideration.

In this case the decision has been made – and our former colleague has successfully bagged a significant research grant within weeks of it!

Still, at least there’s a saving in salary…..not!

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