NSS Results Cause for Concern

UCU welcomes the recently publicised core objectives of our VC Elect and in particular the desire to re-focus on teaching and learning and the student experience.

Whilst perhaps not entirely unexpected as an ambition, it will be interesting to see whether a renewed strategy can make a difference, although given our parlous performance in the most recent NSS survey where we sit just 7 places off the bottom and are the worst performing of all pre-92 institutions, improvement from such a low base ought to be relatively straightforward.

UCU has continually expressed its concerns at the adverse impact of successive staffing cuts to the student experience. Regular readers may recall our resume of our declining NSS performance – and these results offer little to change that view.

UCU believes that just like alcoholism the first step to recovery is to acknowledge that you have a problem.  It is perplexing then to see that rather than sharing results widely across the university it appears that only parts of the institution are being furnished with that information.   One hopes that a rather more transparent approach is just around the corner.

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