The University will readily concede that there is a need to implement a Stress Survey and a Staff Satisfaction Survey but consistently fails to do so.

Our latest attempts to encourage management to get on with it yet again appears to have been willfully ignored.

Classic techniques of obfuscation are being employed; “too expensive to engage an external consultant”, “would like it to be part of a larger piece of work”, and perhaps most bizarrely “it’s the wrong time with all this disruption affecting staff perspectives”.

UCU certainly wants a robust and confidential survey, but why we need an external consultant is less clear.   Bundling with a larger survey is likely to damage levels of participation; what is needed is a short but meaningful means of assessing stress in the workplace and gauging staff attitudes.   Surely establishing a base line for improvement at this stage will make for better outcomes if the interventions are sensible and effective.

Management know that results are likely to be damning, but unlike management that holds no fear for us.   Perhaps now is the time for the University to face those fears?


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