It’s your vote – with added value!

With the UCU pay ballot opening next week it is perhaps worth reminding members that there is a compelling reason for taking part in the ballot whatever your views are on the subject of pay, pay equality, and any associated UCU action to improve on the present offer.

The pensions dispute demonstrated unequivocally that concerted action can make a difference, and that a bullying employer with entrenched views can still be influenced by trade unions and their members.

The past few years at Bradford have been challenging for many reasons, and we will all have our views on why that is, what could have been done differently, and who bears responsibility.   The experience has been bruising, morale busting, stressful, and often distressing, nor indeed is this likely to be the end.

Professional Services colleagues have borne the brunt of recent swingeing cuts, with huge numbers of jobs lost, and the inevitable consequences on workload for those left behind.   The focus now shifts to the academic community, with the euphemistically entitled “Size & Shape” review likely to have further consequences for staff.

A strong union presence on campus remains therefore an imperative in these difficult times; your participation in UCU ballots is as important in sending a signal to our managers as is your presence on the picket.

We urge all UCU members to cast their vote whatever their views on the pay dispute. Your vote counts nationally AND locally.


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