Fear Factor

Some will be saddened by the news that UCU branches failed to meet the desired threshold for the recent pay ballot to be deemed legal.

There remain some positives to be taken from the vote however:

·         Of those that voted, those in favour of strike action outnumbered those against by almost 2 to 1.

·         Our participation rate compares favourably with most other institutions (only 27 institutions fared better), and this despite the “little local difficulty” that members are dealing with in Bradford.

Our Unison colleagues however had rather more success in their ballot of members on the local issue of job cuts and redundancies.   There is no doubt then that the local issues facing members loom large, and that there was an element of unfortunate timing over the balloting of members over pay.

Poor pay in the sector and pay inequality are clearly important, but perhaps unsurprisingly the spectre of job insecurity featured heavily in the minds of members when casting their vote.

As one enlightened caller remarked on Jeremy Vine’s phone-in programme yesterday (regarding the pay equality dispute in Scotland) – “they should be grateful to have a job!”.


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