Stress Balls

UCU LA continues to hear distressing stories of how the current climate of uncertainty, and yes in many cases real fear, is having a serious and adverse effect on staff mental and physical health.

Members will be aware that one of our sister campus unions Unison has balloted its members for industrial action following the refusal of management to accede to a request for a slowing down of the BEP programme to allow proper consideration of the plans.

From our own perspective, we agree that the process is being pushed through in an unseemly manner, manifested most obviously by the fact that unions rarely see documentation more than a day or so before a meeting to consult, and in some instances are presented with huge volumes tabled at meetings.

Pleas for more time to consider documentation prior to a meeting (5 days would seem reasonable) are met first with an apology and then with the counter that HR staff are working long hours to get the paperwork together.

UCU agrees with the head of HR that staff in that department equally deserve their free time – which is precisely why the process should take a manageable pace, not one that exposes our HR colleagues to unreasonable workload and damaging levels of stress.


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