Beware The Rumour Mill

In times of heightened stress such as we are all now experiencing at Bradford, it is inevitable that rumours will circulate about everything that is going on.

Latest “silly season” gossip is suggesting that the recent vote of no confidence being run by Bradford UCU LA was delayed in exchange for an agreement between the branch and management that the axe would not fall on academics.

Those in attendance at the AGM will note that the delay was specifically designed to avoid a negative impact on clearing; the “turkeys don’t vote for Christmas” argument.   There most certainly was NOT a deal as the rumour suggests. Rather, the careful timing was aimed at cooking a particular goose!

UCU Bradford LA is committed to operating on a fair and equitable basis for all of its members, whether academic or non-academic, with Co-Presidents from both staff groups.   Our committee is equally populated by representatives from both groups to further reinforce that commitment.   We also continue to work as a union and also closely with other campus unions to seek the best outcomes for all staff.


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