Pieces of the Jigsaw

It occurs to your local association that a service may well be considered as a complex jigsaw where ideally all the pieces fit together to create a seamless and coherent whole – that “bigger picture” that is so often referred to.

Service re-design requires a new “bigger picture”, with the jigsaw pieces re-crafted to make sure that coherence is maintained.

What seems to be happening now is that those responsible for re-design are being asked to fit some pieces of the old jigsaw into their fresh and carefully crafted new one.

Recent announcements from the VC suggest that in crafting those new jigsaws a few pieces were left out – those posts that are now being described as critical regardless of having been sacrificed – which implies that those carefully crafted re-designs were always full of holes and less than coherent.

Unions of course welcome the news that more jobs will be saved, but will continue to argue that a sensible approach would be to know what the recruitment position is BEFORE undertaking service re-design to avoid the very situation that we now find ourselves in.


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