StAARtling NSS results

With details of the National Student Survey starting to emerge, it is perhaps unsurprising to see that Bradford has performed badly overall.   More worrying still is the clear indication that course management and administration has taken a significant and unprecedented hit.

At a recent Town Hall meeting, the VC was keen to assert his two main objectives – preserve as many jobs as possible, and protect the student experience.

In the light of NSS he may well wish to reconsider whether the objective ought to be to re-establish an acceptable level of student experience.   It is clear that StAAR did significant damage and leaves a legacy with a potentially long and financially damaging tail; there is little to suggest that the current round of swingeing cuts will do anything at all to reverse this alarming situation.

UCU has been advised that the long awaited review of StAAR is now available; one wonders quite why it took a direct questioning of where it was to precipitate its production.   We anticipate that the review will make for uncomfortable reading; the NSS results can only add to that discomfort at SMT and EB level.


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