DEADLINE FOR RE-BALLOT – 16 February 2018

UCU recently announced that there would be a further ballot of the seven branches whose members voted YES to action but failed to meet a 50% participation threshold, of which the University of Bradford was one.

Your LA Committee did uncover significant errors within the database held at HQ, and calculate that those errors contributed significantly (and almost certainly critically) to our failure to meet the participation threshold, which is important to recognise as we enter the second ballot.

Put simply, your vote counted last time, and there was a clear majority of participants voting YES to strike action (84.3%).

The ballot opens on Friday 2nd February, and is open for just two weeks, so it is important that you look out for your ballot paper and return it promptly using the enclosed pre-paid envelope.

As before, we stress that how you vote is a matter for you and your conscience; it is perhaps even more important in this second ballot nevertheless, that participation levels meet the required threshold to make the vote legal and valid. Voting ensures that the democratic rights of you and your colleagues are preserved and their voices are heard. Failure to do so is more than just personal choice; it has the potential to remove that choice from union colleagues by rendering the ballot invalid.

Please cast your vote and take any opportunity to encourage those around you to do so as well.


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