BALLOT DEADLINE 19th January 2018 – Now is the Time to Act

As the ballot deadline approaches all members may want to take a moment to consider the importance of exercising their vote.

The Trade Union Bill challenges unions to achieve a 50% turn-out in any ballot for industrial action, and moreover requires that this threshold is achieved AT EVERY WORKPLACE. This means that the failure to meet the threshold at ANY INDIVIDUAL INSTITUTION will lead to that institutions members being banned in law from striking or taking other forms of action.

Your vote is a matter for you and your conscience; it does matter however that participation levels meet the required threshold to make the vote legal and valid.

For that reason and that reason alone we should all exercise our democratic right and cast our vote. Failure to do so is more than just personal choice; it has the potential to remove that choice from union colleagues by rendering the ballot invalid.

Please cast your vote and encourage those around you to do so.


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