The “Gig” Economy and UoB

Some staff who were previously employed on a Part Time Hourly Paid contract are reporting that they are being asked to migrate to a new arrangement known as “the Casual Worker Agreement”.

The usual strategy of requiring an unreasonably swift response is being employed, which of course means that there is precious little opportunity to properly read the agreement and compare it to the PTHP agreement previously used.

Members should note that the new form of agreement has NOT been agreed and signed off by the campus union, and that UCU strongly advises members to consider VERY carefully the consequences of agreeing to a form of employment contract that specifically excludes the Employment Rights Act 1996, and in doing so removes key employment rights such as the right to permanency.

The PTHP agreement retains the very rights that protect employees from exploitation by preventing the employer from disaggregating your employment to avoid conferring the statutory rights enjoyed by a permanent member of staff.


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