What’s Important to You v What’s Important to the VC

Many will have been excited to read the latest news on developments in the University’s Strategy & Development Plan 2015-2025.

Headlining the latest communique were plans to develop “The Bradford Medical School”, although it was not clear in the article what new developments there were following on from the previous news release.

Taking second spot was The Learning Hub. Again it was difficult to identify any “new” news.

Bringing up the rear in this “informative” briefing was the first mention in bulletins of The Faculty of Management, Law & Social Sciences”.

It appears that “two will shortly become one” and that this is a fundamental and essential plank of the proposed Medical School AND the Learning Hub, but that the new Faculty will be “very similar to the present structure”.

A quick browse of the FAQ’s reveals very little about the vision for the new Faculty other than that there will be one Dean (unsurprisingly). It is clear however that yet another restructuring of an area of the University has the potential to greatly impact upon the staff affected by such organisational change.

Experience shows us that such a reorganisation has the potential to lead to job losses and/or salary erosion through downgrading. These risks are almost certainly at the forefront of the minds of colleagues in scope of this plan.

It is disappointing then to learn that something with such a potentially huge impact appears to run a poor third in scale of importance, and that those impacts do not even merit a mention either in the briefing or associated FAQ’s.


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