Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions Restructure – 6 Months Review

Recently announced, the 6 month review of the BEP MRA Restructure is now under way.

It was interesting to note in the announcement of the review that there were a couple of caveats contained within that appear to pre-empt some of the potentially negative feedback that one might expect.

In particular, the announcement was swift to highlight that “Recruitment to vacant posts in the new structure has unfortunately taken longer than anticipated, and service levels over the last six months do not therefore reflect the potential of the complete structure”.

This might be construed as an admission that promised service improvement has not been forthcoming; perhaps a failure to recruit to posts is itself a symptom of the fragility of the restructure?

The announcement goes on to say that “The full impact of the review will also only be realised once one full student recruitment cycle has taken place.”  

So any observations about the effectiveness of the restructure as a driver for improved recruitment will be deemed invalid; we simply have to wait and see, by which time the review will be well and truly closed.

Campus Trade Unions have been asked to provide feedback for the review by Tuesday 4th April.   UCU realise that some of you will have been asked for your feedback directly and in some cases you may have already provided this.

We are though aware that some members do have concerns that openly providing honest feedback could potentially lead to victimisation.

UCU is however keen to ensure that all members can provide honest feedback without fear of the consequences and would therefore like to invite you to share your feedback with us, particularly any points you did not feel able to report back directly (for whatever reason).   We will include your anonymous feedback in our response.

Please reply to us by Friday 31st March so that we can collate your feedback and draft our response in time.


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