Brief update – UCU EGM 8 March 2017

UCU Committee called the Emergency General Meeting to give an update in the following areas:

  • Failure to agree notice
  • StAA review
  • Campus unions position

Six separate motions were proposed. All motions were passed, with no votes against.

Motion 1 – UCU Local Association declares its wholehearted support for Unison Local Branch in moving to dispute over aspects of the University’s approach to the StAA Review, and in doing so wish to recognise the valuable contribution that Unison members make.

Motion 2 – UCU Local Association expresses its regrets and dissatisfaction with managements failure to confirm that they will extend the formal consultation period with campus unions in the StAA Review process.

Motion 3 – UCU Local Association restates its fundamental opposition to compulsory redundancy.

Motion 4 – UCU Local Association is opposed to all forms of redundancy and severance mechanisms purporting to be voluntary where undue pressure is brought to bear upon those affected.

Motion 5 – UCU Local Association condemns the practice of requiring staff to sign new contracts with diminished rights under duress, in unrealistically short timescales, and without the provision of guidance on the changes contained within.

UCU Local Association further condemns all attempts to reduce rights formerly contained within Statute despite an undertaking to maintain those rights in terms and conditions for all existing staff.

Motion 6 – UCU Local Association expresses its deep dissatisfaction with managements failure to respond meaningfully to the joint failure to agree in respect of deviation from agreed pay protection policy as defined in the University’s own Organisational Change policy documentation.

Next steps…

Ultimately, UCU may consider that our only option is to declare a formal dispute; however for the avoidance of doubt Committee will be exploring a number of forms of action alongside more traditional approaches.   It is clear for example that adverse publicity can have a part to play!


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