Message from TUC General Secretary


This Wednesday is a crucial day for the UK’s trade union movement. Our MPs will be casting their final votes on the government’s dangerous Trade Union Bill.

Can you help by writing to your MP now?

I’m really proud of how our whole movement has campaigned against this bill. The government had wanted this all to have been settled by now, but union members, along with allies in Parliament and across civil society have countered them at every turn. We’ve marched, emailed, signed petitions, joined consultations, staged local events, and held the biggest mass lobby of Parliament yet.

The government have been forced into a series of concessions that have steadily chipped away at the damage this bill will do. They had three high profile defeats in the Lords, and today have published further climbdowns for the last debate in the House of Lords.

But the bill is still a bad bill through and through. It’s undemocratic, striking at working people’s rights to protest. It’s unfair, tipping the power balance in the workplace even more towards the employer. And it’s unnecessary as strikes are at a historic low.

As much as you’ve done already on this, I want to ask you to please do more.

When MPs come to cast their vote on Wednesday, we need each of them to have their constituents’ concerns still ringing in their ears. Let’s make sure the last email they opened before the vote told them how serious that is. As they check their Twitter account in the chamber, let’s make sure they can’t avoid us.
We have to make sure MPs vote to uphold the changes the Lords made – and oppose the whole bill too.

Please email your MP now
(This is especially important if your MP is a Conservative – with a majority of only 12, shifting just a few of them could make all the difference)

And if you’re on Twitter:
Please tweet your MP now
We can help you find your MP on Twitter and send a message that they – and everyone else – will notice.

Thanks for all your support,
Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary


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