Proposed Changes to Trade Union Legislation

UCU Committee would like to draw members attention to the changes proposed, by the Conservative government, to Trade Union Legislation. This is intended to be one of the first proposed legislative changes.

Strikes affecting essential public services (affecting health, transport, fire services or schools) will need to achieve a ballot of 40% of eligible union members. There will need to be a minimum of 50% turn out in strike ballots. .

Employing agency staff to replace staff on strike will no longer be outlawed. The view of the TUC is that this will make “legal strikes close to impossible”. This is going to present a significant challenge to the Trade Union movement if this legislation is enacted.

We will update members as more details about this proposal become available.

Members might want to contrast this with Theresa May’s stated position on the low turn out to vote for Police Commissioners. Asked whether voter turnouts of, for example, 10% or 15% would be enough to give commissioners a democratic mandate.
She replied: “I never set a turnout threshold for any election, and I’m not going to do it now”. Or indeed the fact that the current government achieved only 36% of the vote.

Related news from UCU is below : Full details are available here

• Staff at London Metropolitan University vote to strike over 165 job cuts
11 May 2015
Staff at London Metropolitan University have voted to strike in protest over 165 job cuts.
• Possible strikes at Leeds City and Bradford colleges in rows over job losses
11 May 2015
Both Leeds City College and Bradford College could be facing strike action in rows over job losses, resulting from plans by the colleges to cut budgets. UCU is making preparations for ballots for industrial action at both institutions.
• UCU response to unsuccessful appeals in Bolton University sackings row
7 May 2015
UCU has reacted with amazement at the news that the University of Bolton has thrown out two appeals out against gross misconduct today. The union said it will be instructing its lawyers to take up the case.
• Strike action ballot at the University of Aberdeen over job losses
5 May 2015

Here is some more positive news as the e University of Stirling has successfully won a judgement that staff on fixed term contracts must be included in collective consultation over redundancies.


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