Open letter to senior staff at the University of Bradford

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Yesterday we sent this letter to senior staff at the University of Bradford. It was signed by officers and committee members from the UCU branches at Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, and York. If you agree, add a comment at the bottom of the page.

An open letter to senior staff at the University of Bradford

from colleagues at the Universities of Hull, Leeds, Sheffield and York (and beyond).

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to communicate our sorrow and indignation at the treatment of University of Bradford staff by its management, in relation to the current dispute over detriment to future pension provision. As members of neighbouring scholarly communities, with significant academic relationships with staff at Bradford, we are saddened to see you university’s management apply what we believe currently to be the worst and most punitive approach in the sector to legitimate and legal protest. The attitude of your management to this protest…

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2 thoughts on “Open letter to senior staff at the University of Bradford

  1. As an ex Bradford University student I am appalled by the unbelievably aggressive and disrespectful way in which the University management have responded to its staff following a proposed democratically mandated trade union action. A settlement built on such an approach will be built on fear and coercion. This is not behavior becoming of an educational institution. Management, staff, students and the local community should stand together and campaign with one voice for a proper funding formula for higher education that provides staff with a decent wage and pension, and students with an education they deserve.


  2. The staff of Bradford uni have my support, putting aside any need for changes to pensions or benefits, intimidation from an employer is unacceptable.


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