E-marking: the University response

We previously outlined our frustration at a lack of planning, consistency or risk assessment of several electronic marking practices that were emerging across the campus. Finally we have received a response from Shirley Congdon, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Learning and Teaching (see below for copies of the correspondence).

You will see from the response that the questions put by the Local Association on your behalf have been addressed. Three working groups have been established to examine i) the alternative methods of e-marking; ii) the health and safety implications and iii) the equality impact issues.

We hear from you that a major problem is time and that the existing trial methods can often take much longer than paper-based systems. We also hear concerns from staff located in shared offices who are unable to access e-marking systems at home and face disruption. We would expect the University’s assessments to take these into consideration and will monitor these issues. If you have other concerns about the experience of e-marking or the processes outlined please contact Arthur Carter, one of the UCU Local Association Health and Safety Representatives at a.carter@bradford.ac.uk

We welcome, at last, a response from the University and a recognition that proper assessment and precautionary procedures apply to proposed changes of this type. Your comments and feedback are welcome, as ever.

UCU LA letter UoB re E marking

PVC letter re e-marking



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