UCU: protecting your health and safety at work

Regular readers will recall an earlier blog that raised awareness of the work done on behalf of members to protect their health and safety at work.   Of course, that work is carried out by volunteer members, more of whom are needed to share the burden of inspection and representation on the University Health & Safety Committee and Working Group.   We are pleased therefore to welcome Arthur Carter of the School of Life Sciences into the UCU H&S fold.

Arthur is Head of IT Services  in the School of Life Sciences and has more than 20 years service with the University.   His experience will be a valuable asset to the Local Association.

“I’ve just come back from two H&S training days at Coleg Harlech which was really enjoyable and quite energizing”

Arthur Carter

UCU offers comprehensive training to H&S Representatives at various locations throughout the year, and our Reps’ experience is that it is both stimulating and informative without being boring.   You also get to meet like-minded UCU members in a supportive and friendly environment.   The Local Association will meet the cost of your training and any associated expenses.

If, like Arthur, you care about the health and safety of fellow workers and are keen to develop skills in this area, please contact the LA H&S Officer Steve Jenkins via email in the first instance – s.a.jenkins@bradford.ac.uk


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