Professors no longer academics? Representation and negotiation at the University of Bradford

UCU has “sole bargaining rights for Academic, Administrative, Senior Library, Computer Officer, Research and Analogous Staff and Other Related Staff” according to our Procedure Agreement with the University of Bradford.

Recently, however, the University has not properly consulted, let alone negotiated, on a series of changes that affect senior staff. For example, the introduction of an extended pay spine above grade 10 and the nature of the performance recognition scheme for Professors.

The University has responded to UCU calls to properly consult and negotiate by saying UCU does not have collective bargaining rights for staff above grade 10. Senior managers have even suggested that Professors are not ‘academic staff’ when we pointed to the wording of our Procedure Agreement!

UCU represents and negotiates on behalf of all academic and related staff at the University of Bradford (and other UK universities). By working with the Union, Professors and Senior staff can be assured of effective support, advice and proper consultation and negotiating arrangements for changes to terms and conditions. The Local Association wishes to work with the Professors’ Forum and with our senior members to ensure that there is a fair deal for all.

If you are a UCU member above grade 10 (Professor or Senior Staff) – please complete our simple poll on our Blog to give your view on this situation. This will help us indicate to management that they need to stick to our agreement.


2 thoughts on “Professors no longer academics? Representation and negotiation at the University of Bradford

  1. I’m not above grade 10, so can’t complete the poll. But if I were ever to get promoted above grade 10 (unlikely as that may be!) I would want UCU to be negotiating for me and I would consider myself still to be a part of the academic staff of the University for which I work. I certainly consider Reader and Professorial colleagues as fellow academics.


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