Did you know that 28th April is International Workers’ Memorial Day?

On this day every year union members across the globe come together to remember those that have died as a consequence of an accident or a work related illness.

In the UK, events will be held across the country to give succour to bereaved families and also to remind our employers of the need to remain vigilant over health and safety in the workplace.   With the coalition government appearing to encourage a reigning-in of Health and Safety legislation, the timing was perhaps never more apt.   We are all entitled to a healthy and safe working environment, but it remains the case that more people die or are injured as a consequence of their job than lose their lives in battle – a sobering fact!

As we remember those casualties we must however remember also to protect the living.   As a UCU member you can be confident that your union actively engages on your behalf with your employer on matters of Health and Safety, and ensures that Health and Safety takes centre stage when formulating policy.   We also have three Health and Safety Representatives who make regular workplace inspections to encourage a pro-active approach to workplace safety management.   We can, though, always do more and anyone with a desire to support UCU by becoming a Health and Safety Rep will be welcomed with open arms.   Full training will be given by UCU, and your employer is obliged to allow time for training and union duties. Interested? Please contact the UCU LA (via c.j.kelly@bradford.ac.uk)

For more information see:

International Workers’ Memorial Day



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