And now for some good news…promotions

We are pleased to say that finally the University has opened the promotion process after a long hiatus. Many of you have contacted us asking about the position. As we have reported at several General Meetings, the campus unions became engaged in protracted discussions with HR over amendments to role descriptors. This involved many hours of work from November through to February to ensure that the rewriting of the role descriptors did not affect the expectations of the role at each grade or contradict the underlying scoring of each job element (the basis of job evaluation and the grading structure). With 27 descriptors this was no simple task but although necessarily slow discussions were positive.

The revised role descriptors are now available on the web. To be clear, the grade requirements and job evaluation scores have not changed; the unions were very careful to ensure that this was not happening as a consequence of the revisions. The amendments have been made to better describe the roles, to provide some relevant real-world examples and to produce separate role descriptors for grades where previously they were, confusingly, combined. Do let us have any feedback you may have.

We expect a message in Staff Briefing from the University imminently, but in the meantime if you feel you are eligible for a regrade (promotion) then talk to your line manager as Schools/Directorates have been briefed on the new process and it should be ‘live’. Again, if you have any problems, contact us.

In the near future the campus unions will be discussing policies covering restructuring and career development as they relate to promotion. We’ll keep you posted.

For more, see the HR website:


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