Strike action coverage: day 2

Picket line setting-up for second strike

The second day of action – this time on pensions and job security – saw more support from students and passers-by.

A big thanks to all those from across the University who supported the strike on the picket line, braving unseasonably good weather, and those who supported by staying away from work and/or attending the regional rally in Leeds.

Taking strike action is not easy and it is very much a last resort. Making the argument to defend pensions, pay and job security is also not easy when there are many others in a more vulnerable position than us. The point, however, is to change that, to make the argument for us and for them and to join together to defend education and show solidarity with others facing cuts.

The Local Association banner will be joining the TUC March for an  Alternative to Cuts in London tomorrow. If you are there, join with it!

Lots of media coverage again yesterday with our members making the argument through Pulse Radio, BBC Radio Leeds and the Telegraph and Argus. We also thank the Students’ Union and UoB Unison for their messages of support.

The ball is now in the employers’ court. UCU is ready to negotiate.

UBU statement

Telegraph and Argus story


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