Poll: are you using your holiday entitlement?

The University has just provided us with some details about a new scheme allowing staff to buy extra holiday. Nothing wrong with that you might say, although we will need to look at the details (and your comments welcome).

However, how many of us actually use what we’re entitled to? Please complete the simple poll below to help inform our discussions. Also, if you have particular issues about holidays that you would like to raise with the Union please email us in confidence (g.j.r.slater@bradford.ac.uk)


3 thoughts on “Poll: are you using your holiday entitlement?

  1. Just for clarity, does ‘used’ include our ability to carry over up to five days. Technically anyone carrying over hasn’t used their allocation, but this may be purposeful. It’s more of an issue if come this time of year you have any more than 5 days of your allocation unspent. Personally, I will be carrying five days over – but I think I should be ticking the ‘yes’ box.


    • We meant had you used all your entitlement within the holiday year. Carry-over should be very rare and due to exceptional circumstances. If members are regularly carrying-over that would be a worry. So, given the above situation, I would say that’s a ‘No’


      • In my experience (across a few institutions) it’s quite common for people to keep a few leave days as insurance against some sort of family emergency (child sickness and so on). Where those emergency days haven’t been used is when you get into the carry-over situation.


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