Action on pensions and job security

You will no doubt have received several emails from HQ about the results of the recent ballots on pensions and the national claim. The University of Bradford results can be found here for the pensions ballot (the ballot on the claim has not been disaggregated).

We are being asked to take strike action on Tuesday 22nd March on pensions (in common with other universities in England) and on Thursday 24th March on pensions and job security (across the UK).  These dates neatly surround the government’s budget statement on the Wednesday. The latest news is that the employers are refusing to meet at ACAS to discuss pension changes and we know that they continue to block any discussion of looking at job security across the sector.

Taking strike action is very much a last resort when other avenues have failed. Unfortunately on both pensions and job security it seems that the other avenues have been exhausted, but UCU will continue to press for a solution that avoids the need to strike.

The LA will be in touch by email with details of our local action very shortly. Many of you will have concerns about taking strike action. We have posted some Frequently Asked Questions advice in a separate posting here.


1 thought on “Action on pensions and job security

  1. Why have the results on the payclaim not been disaggregated?
    The national turnout was under 40% and the Bradford turnout under 50%, hardly a ringing endorsement.
    Also please note that not all members are academics.


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